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How do I get to Level 2?

Think I put this in the wrong category.

Hi Guys,

I have a gig for tracing your UK family tree I’m not doing too badly with it. I’ve had great feedback and work really hard for my $5, usually over-delivering. I got to Level 1 pretty quickly but been stuck trying to get to Level 2 for a few months now even though it says I’m 70% of the way there. That doesn’t really give me a good idea of what I need to achieve though. Level 2 states you have to have 50 orders in one month and excellent feedback. No problem with the feedback but wonder how I’ve achieved such a high percentage with only around 25 orders. So, I don’t really know where to find that information from i.e. how many more orders I need to achieve by say the end of November and also, I’m struggling to promote my gig. I put it out on Twitter daily and that goes through to FB too. Any ideas as I’d like to get up to the next level and I feel Christmas is a great time especially with the interactive CD I offer, which would make a fantastic gift for a family member/loved one.Thanks.Yvonne. - See more at:

Hi Yvonner, you need to do 50 orders over TWO months…

As far as how many orders, if you click on Sales at the top, you’ll get an overview of how many sales you’re working on so far.

As far as promotion, I have posted it on FB and Twitter and I’ve been lucky to have some steady gigs. Have you tried posting in some related groups on FB? Sites like are probably complementary to you so there could be some potential partnering there. There’s obviously demand so it’s just a matter of finding the supply.

Hope this helps


Maybe try adding more gigs. Sometimes one of my gigs will sell better than others one week but not the next.

A small detail, I noticed you start you bio saying you are a “Virtual VA”. Isn’t that redundant? Doesn’t the V in VA stand for Virtual?

Complete 50 gig over two month it will be level 2 dear

Thanks smartbiz38129 - I saw that. My problem is that I earned level 1 5 months ago, had 18 orders and it says I’m 70% of the way to Level 2. So how many orders do I now need.

Yes, I suppose you’re right dr_joshua, perhaps I should take the Virtual out, but a lot of people don’t know what a VA is, I suppose I could put Virtual PA???

i have completed 50 orders within 2 months, and i have not been promoted to level 2.
can you tell me whether Fiverr review the profile before giving the level 2 badge or as soon as you complete 50 orders within 2 months they give that instantly?

You need 50 completed positively rated orders or more With 0 cancellations orders. if your cancellations order increase then its not good for your profile.