How do I get traffic for my gig?


Hi, Ive made gigs before, but I never even received views to them. Obviously no views = no sells. So I was wondering how I could receive more views. I already know marketing on social platform is a big deal, but I dont know how that would work when you dont have many followers. I also tried my best to make my gig as clean and concise as possible. Any advice?


Hello! Welcome to Fiverr! So I went to your profile, and I can definitely tell you that you need more gigs. The more gigs you have, the more exposure you will have, and in result you will have more views! Once I went from one gig to three I was able to really start bringing in customers. :slight_smile: Try to expand your one gig into several different ones, and I am sure things will start happening!


Hi! You can also increase traffic by buying promotions.Cheapest way is to share your gig on Facebook and other social networks:)


Share your gigs on your social media. Do you have your own website? Well…link to your fiverr profile from your website, or the individual gigs.


some tips :slight_smile:

  1. Make more gig.
  2. Have more attractive image.
  3. Good description.
    4.use buyer request.
    5 .have patience .


Do you have proof this works?


If you have a lot of friends or friend’s friends who are interested in your gigs. That’s not permanent traffic, though.

A lot better method is to have a blog dedicated to your gigs, and link back to your gigs from there. Post longer descriptions, samples and some of your best reviews there and get that blog ranked good in search engines with high quality marketing so people can find it through google. Can also set up viral social share scripts to make others share the blog for you and perhaps get something nice in return if you use a script that allows it. :relaxed::+1:


Well there are a lot of ways and you might find some gold nuggets in fiverr seller tips section but here are the basics:

Blogging: If you own a blog where you show your skills and have a decent audience, you could put a badge on your blog to promote it. You can also do that for an email list if you have.

Facebook groups: Almost everyone shoots for this one. Simply join relevant facebook groups and post your service there.

Forums & Blog comments: You can find relevant blogs or forums to provide value + build reputation and then promote your service there. You can also use this forum to help others and others might notice and work with you.

Question/Answer sites: You can use Quora or other sites to provide valuable answers and promote your gig as well.

Solo Ads: This is more like a paid option but you can use other marketer’s email list to promote your gig.

Craiglist: You can post ads, answer job queries, do arbitrage or simply promote your service.

I hope you follow these tips and soon you’ll have lots of orders flooding in :slight_smile:


. . . Again, do you have proof these things work?

Have you implemented these tips yourself? Do you have lots of orders flooding in?

My best advice is to have a great profile, gig description that stands out and really be thorough in the about my gig description section.

Seller needs to take time to have a flawlessly written page that flows well and gig picture that is alluring to buyers. Lots of research into looking at and reading advices of top sellers.

Participating and/or contributing useful information on any blog, forum or other social media may be helpful. If all you’re doing is spamming your gigs, people will be tired of you and remove you from their connection.

Besides, if I were to find your gig from Facebook, how can you stop me from exploring 5r and eventually buying from someone else?