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How do I get views on my Gig?

Hey there! New to fiverr. I noticed that my gig didn’t even receive a single view at all. Could anyone point me to a good forum post that shows how to improve your gigs ranking in the fiverr search? I’ve already tweeted it AND put it on FB. 0 views. please help!


Why not use your real photo? Using a picture of somebody else doesn’t help the customer trust you. It only takes a few seconds to find out who that really is.

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Thats a valid point. I shouldn’t have used that pic (I have changed it also) but, the concern here is not the trust. Its the views. I am not even getting views. If people don’t get to see my work, how can I expect them to order.

try social media and clever-market your gigs(facebook, google+, twitter) in a non-intrusive kind of way

i also have the same problem, but i think it will be different until we get our first review.

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