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How do i give one of my gigs away FREE?

Hello, i’ve seen sellers offering first gig free? also i’ve seen when you refer someone they can get a gig free? how do you offer one of your gigs as the FREE gig? I am a new seller, and would like to offer some free gigs so i can prove to buyers i’m as good as established sellers. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

There is no native way to do this to my knowledge. You can advertise a giveaway and have people talk to you via Fiverr inbox instead of placing on order. You can put attachments in the inbox for them, all free.

For a Buy One, Get One" deal, just make arrangements with the buyer. They purchase one gig but send you info for 2 gigs. When you deliver, you can send them 2 accordingly.

So how do fiver choose the “FREE” gig?

I would like to establish a rating on fiverr by giving a gig away free, when a referred user signs up they can claim a FREE $5 gig, but its only a selection, some are from new sellers, established sellers.

What im trying to find out is how do i make one of my gigs the FREE gig that a new user can claim after being referred ?