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How do I go about attracting buyers for my first gig?



I just recently created an account on Fiverr and posted my first gig offering English proofreading services. How do I attract potential customers or generate interest in my gig? I am able to provide quality work that I feel would be well regarded by customers; however, I’m not quite sure how to get the first few buyers in order to get started. I’m aware that there are many sellers who provide low quality work. What can i do to assure customers that I am able to provide quality work and seperate my gig from others? Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


I’m wondering the same thing, haha.


The best way to prove to your customers that you are able to provide quality work in the realm of English proofreading is to display impeccable English in your gig description and FAQs. In the end, it is what buyers see in your gig that will convince them to purchase your services (if they are looking for them, that is).

As far as how you might generate interest? Well, there’s an entire career field dedicated to this very question. Most of us know it as “Marketing”. Have you done any creative marketing for your gig?


Create unique and high-quality gig
Add nice photos and video to gig
Use proper tags/keywords
Send Buyer requests