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How do I go about this?!

HI everyone! I had someone purchase my gig, however she did not send me the requirements I need in order to complete the gig. I sent a message yesterday stating that I am waiting on the specific information from her, but no word. There is only 3 hours left on the count down clock. What do I do?? I cannot complete this until I have her information and it will take me at least an hour to complete the gig after that. I get that I can cancel the order, but what is the best way to go about this. Because I don’t want it to count against me. Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

Reply to @thepromogirl:Thank you so much! that answers it perfectly!

If you’ve already messaged the Buyer several times with no response, it’s best to prompt a mutual cancellation. Provide in detail why you’re cancelling and let the Buyer know they will need to provide the information in the remaining time.

Otherwise, you will need to cancel so they order doesn’t go late (which does effect your Levels and Ratios negatively as a Seller should an order go late). Happy Gigging!

Hi! I have a similar problem so I try to get an answer here before starting a new discussion…

Same situation as you: I received an order for a Gig but the buyer never sent me the file I had to work on. I asked them more than once to send me the needed files, but they never replied. So I asked for a mutual cancellation. Never replied either.

As the order will be automatically deleted in few minutes, I wondered if this will affect my cancellation rate and if something like this ever happened to someone else and what did you do? I mean, do you know if Customer Support would “delete the cancellation”?:slight_smile:

Thank you if you reply!