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How Do I go From One Level To Another?



I’m a relative newcomer to fiverr, I’m almost 2 months in, and I was wondering how do I go about becoming a level 1 seller (and eventually a top rated seller :D). Is there a technique to this or do I just sit around and wait for it to happen? I’ll really appreciate any tips.



Hi Naijapikin, this page walks you through the levels



You need to be active on Fiverr for 30 days to become level one! I see you have made more than 10 sales, so that won’t be a problem! But, if you are not promoted to level 1 on the 30th day don’t worry! Sometimes it takes an additional day or two to level up after completing all the requirements! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the advice and the link. Very helpful :)>- :smiley:


yes, always do what your buyers tell you to do to get the positive rating, i gave my first customers some discount and extra stuff, i also order alot early than the expected day and time to surprise them.