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How do I go on leave?

I used to go on “leave” whenever I traveled so that no buyer would place an order. Now I cannot find the “leave” function. When I go “offline” my buyers still place orders and send messages, affecting my response rate and delivery rate.


Please go the setting options And here you can have a options Go offline for


activate out of office mode …once you go to your profile .there you will easily find the options …


you cannot stop buyer from placing order through GOING OFFLINE…You will have to activate OUT OF OFFICE MODE
please donot provide such information if you are not confirmed .


o yes…hmmmmmm



My profile doesn’t seem to have that option available. Here is what I have:

Anyone else dealing with this?

can you try to click preview public mode and see if out of office is there? It is a little odd for the button not to be there, so also try to contact fiverr Customer Service to see if they can help you :slight_smile:

Do you have Adblock or some extension that might interfere with the website? Try to open your account in a different browser and see if the problem persists.

It’s not there. Even when I look at my profile in a different browser. I had the same issue with another platform so I don’t know if it’s me or what. I’ll contact support and share my findings

I used to use the “out of office” previously know as “vacation mode.” However, I just returned from vacation, and instead, this time increased my delivery time to 10 days while I was away. I wound up booking a few big jobs while on vacation. Of course, I had to remove my “extra-fast” delivery option temporarily as well. Also, had to check my inbox every day to make sure I didn’t jeapordize my response rate. Overall, I’d say it worked out great, and that may be the route I trravel again, next time I travel.