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How do I go on Vacation? How do I stop my activity for a while?

I have a question. I was just looking around my account because I would like to stop my activity on Fiverr for about 1 week. I know i saw something about vacation mode once! now i can’t seem to find it.

How do i go on vacation? :slight_smile:

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Go to your Profile > Setting - change the Online Status next to your email id


I have Out of Office! It used to be Vacation Mode!


If you go to your profile page, above your profile description you will see Out of Office. That is the new name for Vacation Mode.


This is only going to show as offline!

This will not work.

Going offline does not pause your gigs, it simply changes your online status.

Buyers can still order from you when you’re offline, which OP does not want.


Go the gig option and change the order limit to ‘0’

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com Here Is the button…Go to your profile page, above your profile description you will see the button “Out of Office”.

Thank you, earlier have not noticed this option

Thank you!
I had no idea that we only get 28 days per year! It came as a shock!

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Wow you just blew my mind! Thank you!

@corinapariza This is an excellent option. However, please bear in mind that doing this doesn’t prevent prospective buyers from contacting you. You will still have to respond to the first message from a new prospective buyer within 24 hours if you don’t want your response rate % affected. :sunny:

On the other hand, the OOO mode gives you the option to either accept/block messages from people trying to contact you for the duration the mode is enabled.