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How do I handle an over demanding buyer


A buyer requested an order which i delivered and he accepted delivery after some hours he sent a message claiming I did nonsense. He wanted me to modify the work after making three modification and he said was okay. Now he claims his lecturer wasn’t okay with my work after making it clear to him I was going to use simulator and he said no problem with that. He actually demand I use real network devices and start project afresh.
After a lot of stalking i decided not to reply him and now my response rate has dropped to a 80. How do I go about such buyer.



I just type a . period when I have to answer someone like that to keep my response rate ok.


According to Fiverr, the response rate is only affected by the first message. As long as you answer that in a timely fashion, you shouldn’t need to respond to subsequent messages in a conversation. I’ve ignored potential buyers that don’t stop messaging after a while and it doesn’t seem to have affected my response rate.


@capitalquality I wish that was the case. But for me, there are many times when sellers contact me for work, and although I reply to their first message, declining to work with them, they keep spamming my inbox. Sometimes, even after reporting them, they can still contact me, and even if I reply with a simple . or an ‘‘ok’’, they keep writing, and I always see my response rate going to 80%. :smirk: Last month it happened a lot.


“Okay” is the best answer :slight_smile:


@anamariaedan Are you sure about that?

I am fairly certain that the response rate metric is only affected by not responding to first received message within exactly 24 hours.

So maybe you responded to first messages, but not within 24 hours?

If what you are saying were in fact true, my response rate would have been lowered to 6% by now. :slight_smile:


It’s a bug. Just report this to CS and they will fix you rate.


I usually respond to all my messages instantly, or if I am asleep in 2-3 hours (I always wake up just to check my Fiverr at night).

So no, I don’t think it applies to me. :slight_smile: Maybe it’s just a bug, as @armer mentioned. Anyway, I don’t think it affects me that much. :blush:


@anamariaedan Seeing as misinformation spreads like wildfire among newbies here on this forum, let’s try to keep assumptions separated from what we actually know about how Fiverr’s system works.

So to sum up: Fiverr’s response rate metric is affected by response time on first messages.
That’s the official explanation of the tool by Fiverr staff.

You don’t have to send periods or blank messages to every single message sent.


Didn’t really consider myself a “newbie” after almost 2 years on Fiverr, but I guess I am not entitled to share my experience nicely. I understand it is a system, but just as the app is full of bugs, just as sellers are still able to contact me after reporting them, and so on, this one might be a small issue too. :slight_smile: But since it doesn’t happen to everyone it is not true. Just a newbie issue. :smile:



I somehow knew you were going to misunderstand my response.

I said misinformation spreads among newbies, so we, the more experienced sellers, need to be more careful when making statements or sharing experiences.


That makes sense. Sorry for jumping to conclusions like that. :blush:


There are problems with the response rate algorithm. It could be unrelated to your experience.

It’s odd you have so many buyers pester you. I’ve had two at most. Bad luck.


Not buyers, they are sellers who keep sending me custom offers and try to convince me to buy their gig. I don’t know why they keep doing it, but as in buyer requests, they don’t seem to understand how Fiverr works. :blush:


Nah you’re fine just move on and do your work.


Response rate is a bit buggy sometimes, but it’s unlikely that it’s directly related to an ongoing message. You can stop replying. Just ignore the response rate and see if it starts to go back up when you keep answering new messages. It doesn’t hurt anything. If it doesn’t go back up or keeps going down after a couple of days, contact Customer Support, tell them you’ve been responding to all new messages within 24 hours and ask if they can update your response rate. Sometimes they have to give it a whack with a digital hammer.

Usually when you see it drifting down when it shouldn’t it’s not related to anything but this general weirdness. The buyer will probably stop if you quit responding, but if they don’t you can ask them to stop and then click report if they do not. There is a new system for inbox reporting that let’s you choose the reason for the report and allows you to ask for a block or an investigation.


You should always report these. First use the report button, which as I mentioned in another post is a function that Fiverr is currently upgrading. If a seller keeps spamming you after you press report, notify CS. That behavior is not acceptable.


He perhaps sleeps 6 hours.

1st : Before going to bed.
2nd : After waking up.
3rd : At 1-2 PM.
4th : At 6-7 PM.
And so on… :grin:


Btw, as a reply to the OP -
Whenever someone spams my inbox this is the reply I send to them :

Go and waste someone else`s time. Replying once more will make me report you to Fiverr Trust&Safety team, I want no excuses and have no interest in whatsoever you are offering. Get lost!

Always does it work like a charm… :grin:


@taverr Sounds great, but do they ever report you for being rude to them, or harassing them, or whatever?