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How do I handle staggered orders?

I’ve got a friend who’s creating a blog and wants me to perpetually edit blogs at a rate of approximately two per week. My question is, barring a separate gig for each blog post, which I believe will become cumbersome for her, what’s the easiest way to handle these orders? She had suggested an invoice at the end of each month; but in Fiverrs platform, that would mean doing the work ahead of time and then just sending a custom order at the end of the month that she’s agreed to pay. I trust her to do so, but that seems unorthodox. Any suggestions?

why don’t you create a gig when you edit posts for a whole month?

I seen gigs that are about doing social media for a whole month.

So she could order each month something.

You can replace the month for a gig doing it for a whole year.

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That’s one idea, and a good one. The only bar to that I’ve thought of is how do I determine pricing? Should this be a fixed rate per month, regardless of the number of blog posts she outputs? These will vary to some degree. I suppose that will keep her motivated to write and will secure the amount I earn; it’s a shame orders cannot be edited throughout the process just to get more granular control of pricing.

If there is no order then they do not have to pay. Remember, the best conmen are lovely people who you could not imagine would try to screw you!
Instead of you having to trust them blindly, do it the other way around where they pay for a month in advance. If they are a new buyer, explain you do not get paid until the order is completed. If the word count goes over the agreed amount, mark it as delivered and then send a new offer.
I have done this with a 30 day custom offer for 20,000 words for a translation agency with a couple of staff who have me proofread from each one.

There is nothing to gain from blindly trusting them.


Sounds like the consensus is a fixed-rate, upfront, for each month. With that, should I do more work than the gig permits, I would simply mark as complete and send a custom offer for any additional work. Sound right?

Yes, depending on the amount and regularity of the work you could consider using “Custom Extras” as you go along. Do keep an eye on the word count and remind them well in advance that their limit is running low. Otherwise you will end up having to decide whether to do extra or not.

Just thought, if you use the custom extra system then there will be just one invoice which most people would prefer, rather than lots of smaller ones. My standard advice for projects like this would be to try do one or a couple of small orders and get positive feedback from them before going for a larger project. This track record can help your defense in the event of a dispute.

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My plan was to complete one or two gigs first and then start with the monthly. I’ll look a little more into custom extras. This helps quite a bit! Thank you for your advice!

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I seen gigs that are about doing social media for a whole month.

I said that on my post above