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How Do I Handle This?

Hi there! I’m fairly new, I’ve been on Fiverr since July now and so far I’ve been doing ok for myself (not as busy as I’d like to be but I’m working on it!). My specialty is paraphrasing/proofreading and so I advertise as such. So far I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from clients and I am confident in my abilities as a writer.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I received a message from an individual asking for me to paraphrase an essay for him and to make it as unique as possible from the original content. The submitted document was 19 pages long and 4,851 words. Upon receiving the document, I noticed that it looked as though it was put through an English translator, as the syntax was terrible, to the point where I actually had to research the subject of the essay so I could properly do this gig. More time consuming than I anticipated but overall no problem.

Fast forward, I completed the order before the allotted time frame and submitted the paper to him. He immediately requested a revision, saying that some of the words were too similar to the original document, and that I also was under the word count needed by 1000 words (I had previously asked for a word count requirement, which he ignored). I revised the document, and submitted again. Once again, he asked for a revision. Once again, I revised the document. After this, he sent me a rude message and again requested a revision for a final time, asking for me to compare both essays and change each word that was the same. I sent him this message:

I will work on the highlighted examples for you. However, you have to understand that you asked me to paraphrase this essay for you, which I did, and I did my best to differentiate from the original, but sometimes certain words cannot be changed without sounding off. The essay you sent to me seems as if it was put through a translator, and the poor syntax made it very difficult to work on without knowing about the subject myself as many things got lost in the translation. Because of that, I did more than you had originally asked and researched this subject on my own so I could flesh this essay out for you. When we first spoke, while you did specify you wanted to make sure the essay was unique, you did not ask me to compare both essays and go through word by word to make sure the two were completely different. This is very time consuming and something I would have charged extra for as it doesn’t leave me time to work on my other orders.

That being said, I do apologize but I’m unable to devote more time to this task at this point as I have other orders I’ve had to put on hold for this. I paraphrased the essay and brought it up to the word count as you asked. I’m sorry I can’t help you more, and if you choose not to work with me again in the future I do understand.</b>

All in all this gig took me five days to complete after all was said and done, while the originally requested gig only took me a day, and I did not charge him extra. He marked the order as complete after I sent this message, and then a few days later I got a notification that Customer Support cancelled my order, meaning that he got a free essay and I got nothing. He also left me this review-

She could not understand and meet simple instructions. Instead of trying to fix it, she simply told be blatantly that she will not assist any further and pretty much ‘shut the door in my face’. But then again, as they say, never trust things you find online. Absolutely pathetic.</b>

This is obviously bothersome to me, but is there anything I can do about it? I tried incredibly hard to help this person, going above what was originally asked of me and more. Any help would be appreciated.

tl;dr- Customer ordered a gig that required much more time and services than was requested, then cancelled the order after it was completed and left a bad review.

Oh my, you can explain your side to customer support and show her screenshots of your conversation or screenshots of the order page for proof on the effort you’ve put in to the order. I wouldn’t want to be treated that way either. Sorry to hear. As much as there are good buyers in the site, we do have to face some bad ones from time to time.

Definitely contact Customer Support. Show them screenshots of the conversation. It’s not fair that he gets to put you through hell, leave a bad review, and get his money back. At the very least, you should be able to get the bad review removed, since it’s just not truthful.

The best way in such scenario is to contact CS. We all face such situations and CS is there to help , and i even in many such cases just click on Resolution center and ask for cancellation i wont mind loosing few bucks but cant have -ve review on my profile. So work the way you feel better.

Just to re-iterate what others have said. I’ve been in a similar situation and support took it seriously (well, I assume so - they were at pains to convince me anyway).

What you won’t get is satisfaction. As per their privacy policies they can’t/won’t tell you the outcome of arbitration. Also, expect to wait up to a week to hear back from them after initial contact.

In future, I’d suggest avoiding giving people the benefit of the doubt. I’ve learned to treat freelancers like a veggie garden. You go in, you dig the weeds out and you do it without remorse. Whatever’s left is worth picking through.
If you don’t like the person, if you feel bad about the deal - query them straight away, get things out in the open. If they’re being difficult already, they’re probably a weed.

Sometimes though, it’s just a bad patch for them or you and miscommunication ensues. That could be your case. Add in a language +/ cultural barrier and you’re lost in a maze of confabulation.
I’ve had the nicest people accidentally screw me over on Fiverr; as well as some outright nasty/dodgy types.

Thank you to everyone! I’ve reported this to Customer Support so hopefully they get back to me with this. This individual was pretty clipped as far as interactions go the entire time, and incredibly needy. I really did what I could do help him but by the end of the interaction I realized he was just taking advantage. I’m really bummed out about the loss of income (who doesn’t need that extra money???) but more so because of the loss of potential buyers who may see that review and turn the other way. I take pride in my work and my abilities and something as insulting as that doesn’t give me much room to prove them to others. Again, thank you all so much for the fast response and the advice!