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How do i has to sell my work?

Hi i am new to fiverr. I am working as graphic designer, I want my gig to get promotions and more number of buyers to see it. i have already placed it in social media but i am not getting proper response can some one help me out please.

You need to write a better description for your gigs. It is limited and will not attract attention. You also need to upload more images to show more of your work. Also, one of your gigs is titled “I will create a beautyful logo” ’ beautyful’, take a second look at that word…

Hi friend thanks your suggestions, i will follow them. And your are a top 1 seller as per your experience please can you help me bit to sell my gig.
I have few questions and i am new to Fiverr so i am not getting whom to ask these question. Apologizes to take your valuable time but please could you help me with the following questions?

  1. How and where i has to promote my Gig?
  2. How to get more views to my Gig?
  3. How to get Clint and what we has to offer?

Please help me for this and thanks you.

Red the forum and learn some English, this is all you need.

YOu do not know how to write a proper gig description.

You need to talk about what you do for your gig and what the buyer will receive. All you do is say two sentences about the photos that you created, that is not how you do it. Also, you should have a variety of sample logos, not just from the same company.

Please go spend some time reading other logo design gigs to see how to write a real gig description. That will help.

Reply to @solow13: thank you.

Reply to @sincere18: thank you for suggestion.