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How do I hide my reviews or edit them?


I did a search on google today for something and realised some of my fiver reviews are showing up - they are quite private to me and I would not like them shared with the world any longer. How do I either stop them from showing up on google searches or have them removed from the reviews/ feedback on the seller’s page?


I just had a look on google at whatever reviews you left and there is absolutely nothing there to be either embarrassed about or worry about. No one will be searching for those like I just did either. It’s simply not worth worrying about.


It’s kind of a personal thing misscrystal, but thanks for your messages regardless. Wish there was a way to actually speak with Fiverr support.


But that would be sooo manipulative and scheming!!

By any chance do you know how to change a profile picture on it, it doesn’t seem to want to change when I upload a different one.


I think that was unfortunate wording/misunderstanding. I’m sure Manu didn’t mean fake as in using someone else’s name as username or someone else’s picture as profile picture in a manipulative and scheming way - just as in you may be anonymous; you can use whatever name as username, like yours isn’t in the firstnamelastname pattern either, you don’t need to use a username that would identify you in any way - the only problem is that usernames are attached to the account and unfortunately can’t be changed.
And you can use a drawing, logo, a random letter, whatever you want and have the right to use, as profile picture - not someone else’s picture, of course.

If you want a different username (in case you think yours can be linked to your off-Fiverr persona somehow and you don’t want that), you can, however, close your account, and then open a new one (but first make sure the old account is closed, having more than one account at the same time is a ToS violation and can lead to suspension of all current and future accounts; also, you can’t use the same email for the new account).

changing the picture:
If you tried the usual things - clearing cache and cookies, hard refresh, logging off and back on, different browser - and none of that works, you can send a bug report to Fiverr via ticket, there’s a Help&Support link in the footer, you need to click/scroll yourself through to the “Contact Us” button.

Regarding the reviews, as Manu said, I don’t think there’s a way to edit or hide them. They are there to be public, to help other users to decide whether they want to hire a seller or not. Reviews aren’t mandatory, so for future orders, you can choose to not review if you’d prefer to keep your purchases private.

Hope that helps a bit.


I think they disappear from google search after a period of time, such as a year or less. I’m sure that google does not keep them indexed forever.

I think it’s around six months actually but that’s just a guess.


You can create a ticket with support at the help centre or email eg. to ask them for a feature or to report a bug (though there may not be a category for feature requests in the help centre).
Maybe request it is removed under the data protection act or the GDPR (right to erasure).