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How do I improve gig tags

I have created two gigs about three days ago. And now I am worried about are my gigs formation is right? Can anyone here check my gigs and kindly tell me if I did wrong anything.
I have created my account two years ago, I had some gigs but no sells. I left Fiverr, for disappointment. Now I am back with the hope that if they can, I can do it too. But worried about how long it takes to get the first sale.
Any kind of help is appreciated.


First of all, you should research fiver gig titles to make your own. Then make a proper attractive title. In the tag section put title related tags. If buyer search the specific keyword related to your title or tags then your gigs will appear in the fiver search result. Best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:


You should do media marketing to get orders. It helps a lot. As a new seller, it’s quite tough to get the first order. I got my first order after 18 days of hard work.

If you use the tags, related to the title & service then you will get an order soon. Be patient. :blush:


Good morning,

How’d you do? Fine I hope. I want to encourage you to be persistent and consistently make changes to improve your gig after in-depth research.

You see, a new seller can have the skills, attractive gig title but unrelated tags and their gig will never be displayed among the search options of that particular product or service.

Therefore, your job will be to revisit your tags to correct this problem. You can also invest in your business by purchasing gigs like I did years ago to benefit from the work of other talented people on this platform. There are sellers who can do just about anything on fiverr but all you have to do is invest.

Marketing across social media platforms, forums, groups and inserting the link to your services in your bio also get people to learn about the services you offer. Be faithful, be patient and be determined at the same time. Fiverr is a competitive marketplace and you’ll have to persevere to develop your skills and find your niche. All the best!


But I have no rating yet. Should I get click or get an order without rating?

Thanks for the reply, can you please explain a bit more about what is media marketing and how to do it?

Sure. I’m going to tell you what I do for social media marketing. Actually I upload my design sample with the link of my gig in several social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest. I use my services related keywords what I got from a little research. I get a number of impressions in my posts & I’m sure that it helps a lot.
Try to use strong keyword, related to your service & create posts everyday with your gig link. Hope you will get a number of engagement also.


I mentioned consistency because you have to find a target market (i.e. People who you are trying to sell your product or service). When you do you’ll need to create ads to promote your gigs several times per week on a regular basis to increase expose, attract traffic and possibly convert these leads into sales.

It doesn’t happen overnight but it works. You can also join Facebook groups related to your gig, insert the link to your gig in your bio on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and all your other social media platforms. Share your gigs with your friends and family and encourage all your customers upon delivering the job to like, share and rate your gig. It will bring real, tangible and lasting positive results.



Be patient and work hard. Hope you get the expected results :slightly_smiling_face: