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How do I improve/market my gig and get more sales?

Your gig looks good.

I am also suddenly having some issues with my gig,

I can’t find it when I search for it .

I don’t see anything wrong with your gig. I’m not sure why you aren’t finding it when you search.

Thank a lot for the reply , maybe I need to move more traffic to the gig


thanks for your valuable comment

Traffic is something I have been struggling with also on my gigs, so if you figure out how to get more traffic, please let me know!

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I’m also new at this, but I will tell you what immediately jumped into my eyes looking at your gig:

  • way too expensive, your gig starts at 50! (this is Fiverr, not Upwork)
  • the description is too long and verbose
  • way too long delivery time (15/20/29 days???)
  • just $10 to cut this time in half?? you send the worst message!
  • to many FAQs (keep it simple!)

Hope it helps…

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I will update some of those things. Thanks.