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How do i Improve My First Gig?



My name is Priti. I am new on fiverr. I have created one gig. I am professional wordpress website developer.

How i do improve my gig to get first order from buyers?

My Gig is



You can start with these

  • show your work in the portfolio
  • don’t use descriptions from others
  • review your price model. Your Gold package is $80 and it includes a premium theme. For example, Avada costs $60 which means you’ll make $4 from your Gold package because Fiverr takes $16

Why are you offering themes like Avada in the first place?
It’s a dying theme and it doesn’t have a developers license.

I want orders on fiverr



Should i have to change my Gig description or Gig package Description?



I have written it to know client that i have experience with these themes.

Should i remove this?



Here’s your Gold package

You’re saying that a customer can choose their theme. What if I choose a theme such as Avada or even something that $100. You will have to provide the license for it because that’s what your gig promises.

Instead say which theme you will use and that’s it or if you want customers to choose then make sure it’s not included in your package. Although I wouldn’t recommend this because what if a customer chooses are really poorly made theme and you have to waste time learning it.

If you wish to offer only Avada based websites then add $60 on top of the price or ask the customer to buy it so that they would get official support for it.



Thank you very much for your great information. I will follow your suggestions and will do corrections.:slightly_smiling_face:


can i also get idea to improve of mine


Thanks for your suggestion ! Its help me a lot