How do I improve my gig and gain traffic?


Greetings everyone,

I recently started a gig this morning, but sadly I haven’t gotten any clicks or traffic… I’ve made a video for it and tried my best to market myself, but its not the easiest thing in the world when you only have 7 subs on Youtube and most of your friends are teenagers who dont care about design…

Here’s the gig, if there is anything I should do to the gig please tell me. I am kinda new to fiverr.

Youtube video: (still not released on my gig, fiverr processes slow…)

Thanks in advance!


You will see the clicks the next day. It’s not updated in real-time.

It’s just one day. You need to have patience :slight_smile:
I’ve been on Fiverr since 7 months and hardly any sales.

Try the buyer requests section as that is something we can do for proactively getting any sales.