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How do I improve my gig & get order?

Hello everyone.
My name is Mahib.I published my gig 15 days ago.How many to I need to wait for getting my first order?

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Some get orders quickly some wait months, some wait a year, some never get an order.

Background removal is an extremely competitive category. There are over 44,000 other gigs that offer this service. You need to make your gig stand out from the other gigs in you category.

Fiverr is not a place where you put up a gig and get business. You must stand out somehow.


create best gig with good title/description/images and use good tags. do skill text.

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Good luck bro, I also hope you get my first client here, but don’t give up, at some point something will come to us. :slight_smile:

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Difficult Questions. Give good title/description/images and use good tags in your gig.

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