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How do i improve My GIG i on fiverr in 2 monrh

How do i improve my gig . i m on fiver last 2 month and i only gets 4 order . how do i improve

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how do i post buyer request

I don’t think improving your gig will bring you more orders .It does contribute but not that much

Create a gig in the category where there is very least number of sellers are available.

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The reason why I keep flagging your rely is because you can’t link to your gig/profile on other people’s threads.

who did it ?
are you telling to me ?

At first try to upgrade your English skills because of it very important here,i am still learning. Good wishes for you
Pray for me. Thank you

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I agree with this. You don’t need to be native (English user)… but at least Fiverr and not fiberr.

Whenever possible, I will write on MS Word to make sure spelling is correct (never mind the grammar).

With so many non-native English users achieving great sales. I think being proficient isn’t all that important but at least some level of understanding, with as little English spelling mistakes as possible… should suffice.