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How do I improve my gig to get fiverr SELLERS attention?

Hi, I’ve just created a new gig and would love feedback on how I can improve it , to get sellers attention.
How is my gig description? Is it missing something? Is it confusing?
(link changed)


First, I would suggest editing the title and removing the typo:

“I Will Create A Captivating Gig Photo For Your Fiverr Gigs”

– Description (space it out):
We live in a world where pictures and graphics need to capture the attention of buyers before they even read your text.

People are attracted to pictures faster than they are wordy passages. So what’s the solution? Create an eye-catching premium picture for your gig to entice buyers.

  • I will provide you with high quality photos that relate perfectly to your gig.
  • I will add text to your photos that stands out and gets people to click on your gig.

You can choose the colors or I can.

If you order multiple gigs, I can keep a consistent design across all of your gigs so when people see that style of graphic, they know it’s you.

Contact me if you need more info on ordering this gig


Thank you so much for all your feedback.
That’s definitely the word I was looking for instead.
You helped me a lot, thanks for helping me keep the message and change it to sound better!

edit: the spacing isn’t working, is it showing up on your end?


Doesn’t appear to be. You might have to try a different browser :slight_smile:

Glad I could help!