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How do I improve my gig to get my first order?

Welcome to Discord server setup
My Quality :
I am a ICT expert with apps such as discord. I also make custom bots and can be very professional. Here is my gig description:
I will set up your discord server with the best professional design, verification and security system, moderation bots, text, voice, and music channels, the most useful bots to use, and much more!

I respond to the messages fast with good communication


Choose, which Gig Package is best for your Discord Server!

* Minimal server design
* Moderation bots and tool
* New member auto-roles
* Voice rooms
* AFK channel


* Everything from Basic
* Epic server design
* Locked channels for mods, staff, and owner only
* Music bot
* Giveaway channel


* Everything from Standard
* ALL Features
* Bigger server
* Unique, professional Discord Server design
* Self-assignable roles
* Extra security verification system to access the server
* Ticket System
* Your own custom bot
* ..and more

Looking forward working with you,

So does anyone know how to improve?

Hello itsaliciaaa,

First of all good job on creating your gig! I believe what can really improve your description is to leave the details of each package only in the package description and use all that space to write more about yourself and your experience. You can mention older collaborations, bots you have created in the past, examples and even links to previous work.

Also, what I found to be really helpful in my gigs is that I used a section called Why choose me which you can see in my gig description here.

Although my gig is for voice overs you can get an idea of how to use highlight and bold as well which id very helpful in order to send the attention where you want it to be.

Hope this helps!

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