How do i improve my sells? my impressions?


Are there any fast and easy ways to promote my gig to a targeted audience? besides social media shares and other stuff.


None that I know of.


@jonbaas says, Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. You WILL have to WORK HARD to earn your success.

Well, besides social media and other stuff (you mean buyer request?) What other thing will help you to promote your gigs?? :thinking:
I either don’t know! @misscrystal :yum:


I don’t think he knows of the BR section.


You can do it of course but easy and fast, maybe not.


If you don’t know, then you’re going to have to do some research. I’m not going to do your work for you. Conduct an internet search for “how to market my business” and you’ll find hundreds of ideas.


i know it sam but i can;t find daily offers…because not everyday the offers that i could go for are there


thanks for the “google it” answer… you wasted your own time. I am talking here strictly about my fiverr gig…not how to market a whole business. Remember how i wrote targeted audience? i need a niched answer for this…so you wasted your own time…thanks for nothing


i know it is not a get-rich quick website. I have a 3+years of experience here but we were working on a team account and things are different


Your Fiverr gig IS a business. You need to market it in the same way any other business would, and please don’t be nasty to posters who aim to help you.


try targeted social media advertising and google adverts to market your gig it will be helpful to improve your sales and impression


Adword is a fast way if you do not want to handle seo work


I think, you don’t need suggestion on your topic. Because you have

I just would like to tell you, you should show RESPECT and POLITE attitude to every member in your conversation. Because you came here to seek HELP!


People who know keep it to themselves :wink:


Yes of course :slight_smile:
There’s a button for it under account settings.


Well then… you’re welcome for nothing. :wink:

And my original answer (written to @ahmednmn , I might add), remains the same… Google it. It’s your niche, why are you assuming that we know YOUR niche, and understand YOUR customers? Do the research, and figure out how to market to YOUR niche. It’s YOUR business… and YOUR customers after all?

Demanding that we give you all the answers, so that you don’t have to do any work to figure out your own business, is extraordinarily lazy, foolish, rude, and highly inappropriate.

Think like a businessman, or find some other line of work that better suits your lazy attitude.


yes Thank you so much for feedback


you should use byer request daily and and should be use all 10 byer request.


Hi dear! You know, fiverr is such a platform where you need to activate and market your gig to your own. I think if anyone want to boost their gig he or she must post their gig into the social sites. The more you share your gig the more you can boost or promote your gig…