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How do I improve sales on my gig

Hey everyone, so I have been using fiverr for a couple of months now. I havent been extremely regular with promotion but I have recently set up some new things on my gig plus added another gig…I tried promoting the gigs on social media as well but I am getting no buyers… Does anyone have any ideas how I can improve sales? What approach would catch buyers interest? Any kind of critique is welcome. Thanx

Hello! First off you’re an incredible artist, your portfolio looks great! I am new on fiverr and I don’t exactly have orders rolling in but I’ve read that its best to copy the top sellers of gigs similiar to yours. Not word for word, but just the general idea. Also use their exact same tags! Hope this helps somewhat and good luck!

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Dont look it as “copying” what could help you is a good use of keywords; make sure that you use it in your gig description and make it appear of your gig title as well CAPITALIZE (1 word) that can help you increase your views and clicks.

Also you have a very nice pieces of art, you should make a portfolio page or blog, then you can exchange trafic there and build your conections.