How do I increase basic price of gig?


I just noticed some sellers that have their gig “starting at” more than $5. I had no idea this could be done and tried changing it but didn’t see a way to up the price. Is that only for certain sellers or can anyone do it? And if you are one of those who did increase the price, would you mind sharing what I need to do? :slight_smile:




No, each seller must offer a service starting at $5.

It is impossible to change the base gig price ($5); some people write in their description that their gig starts at $20, for example, but this is forbidden. If you see any instances of this, report the seller to customer support.


What you are seeing is there most common package. I saw the same thing the other day, where the gig was listed as $115. Turned out when I clicked, once you turned off the extras, it went back to $5 base gig just like everyone else.

I like the idea of Fiverr promoting gigs at higher prices, most common upgrades. So I think it helps up-sell.


Oh! That makes sense! Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile: