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How do I increase GiG impression

Hello, my dear forum friends. How can I increase my gig impressions? please help by giving me some information about it


Firstly, information on “What are impressions?” for anyone else who visits this thread:

Second: Impressions aren't all that important. Here's why:


I tried some paid methods. But does not really work. Especially those paid methods only bring sudden impressions and click but not a single order. What I would suggest is to try different ways to optimize your gig description and keywords.

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Impressions don’t really matter. You need to focus on improving the ranking of your gig.
You should be checking your gig ranking daily as it’s always changing.

So search on Fiverr without being logged in for your service by using your gig keyword. Example if you are a web designer., search for “web designer” and flick through the pages until you find yourself.

You can improve your rank by focusing on your keywords of your gig, title and keywords in your description.

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