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How do I increase my gigs, sales?


How do I increase my gigs, sales?


this is fake profile, the profile image you are using is not yours. She is an south indian actress name Sri Divya.

please do not create fake profiles as many buyers are reporting now regarding fake seller profiles and stolen gig images.

first be genuine and offer quality services, be honest. then you will get orders,


Share your GIG on Facebook and other social media.
Submit proposal on buyer request on daily basis.


Balubfa12, You know that your Id is real but are u real can you imagine?
please don’t know another person Know you yourself.
I know you are most senior person in here so be respect to others
Thank …



I respect all sellers and buyers. So many sellers are complaining about using fake gig images and profile images.

According to my ID it is my name and degree and birth date format, it is real only

Balubfa12 there are no complaints regarding that. I know what i am and i am requesting all sellers to use their own image. if they have some problem to use own logo.

I am requesting here and not interested to know each and every person. as i saw your profile image in forum, and it an indian TV actress image. thats why requested you to change.

Look what buyers are thinking and posting on forum. Look at this

please use your own image or logo. be genuine to buyers. I am using my own logo since i started selling on fiverr.

Dont take it negative way, if you use your own images and graphics to your profile and services that will make buyers trustworthy with your profile and you will get more orders. I am sure you will get orders if you are using Genuine profile.

All the best for your fiverr career.


Your advice has been taken and the profile looks so much better.



Thanks so much for updating your profile. Now no one will point out you. Work hard and be happy. If you need any help from me please feel free to ask. All the best sister.


Hello I have need some healp?


How can I sales my gigs.


This is a real concern. I’ve also seen a few posts on reddit about Fiverr Profiles being sketchy and Fiverr Sellers should start to at least consider uploading a real face or at least an image that values their expertise.



You should do online marketing.
Post on Facebook.
Join Facebook Groups.

Post on basically any social media.
You can also send emails to businesses and your business should do well :wink:


Just market yourself out of The Fiverr. Send Buyer request daily. Use the Fiverr app to be online. Response to messages