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How do i increase sales ? pls suggest

HELLO guys, i am in fiverr from past 2 months. even though i am a level two seller, i am not satisfied with my sales. My competitors get10-15 orders daily, but i get only 1-2 order per day. I reallly get upset looking at this. i promote my gig in every social media sites, and i put up my best. but still , my sales does not increase, This is damm dissapointing where my competitors get hell lot of orders and myself only 1-2 . :frowning:

can you suggest whats going wrong or what shall i do to increase my sales ??

2 months and you get daily 1-2? It’s good i think… i have 1 order per week maybe… which sociam media sites you use? Can you tell me?

Try sharing on social media, online forums, send out buyer requests.

Have patience. It’s key if you want to survive longer on Fiverr.

Reply to @konradl: i use twitter, facebook, tumblr, google plus, pinterest. i prmote a lot only then i get 1-2 orders… if i dont promote even a day, i dont get any.

Reply to @productivesam: i tried a lot in social media sites, and forums too… but it dont work much.i even send buyers request, but NO RESPONSE.

still, i ll try and hav patience. thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

Easy: just market to your thousands of “real” FB, Twitter, whatever followers.