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How do I initiate a rating dispute?

I’d have done a quick YouTube search for tortoise mating videos and sent them a link. Probably.



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Love this. Banking that for the inevitable next time this happens.

Also, last I was aware, the one thing the internet wasn’t short of was THAT kind of audio. Maybe he wanted something more ‘custom’? :grimacing:


This, and these kinds of people also get off on making strangers uncomfortable. It’s why I had a guy pester me for months about making custom audio for him. I knew he loved making me uncomfortable. He could have gotten that kind of audio anywhere.

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:astonished: OMG. I think the guy understands “voice over” service too literally :slight_smile:

He is worried about the copyright licenses :grinning:

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Good point. In this case though it’s likely that my original wording was too pliable. I shouldn’t imply that the guy was a bad buyer - it’s likely he would have understood had I sent him an explanation. He was a first time buyer, too, so he probably didn’t understand the concept of custom orders.

Going forward, you can expect some buyers leaving a 4.0 even if they are fully satisfied. Some might order basic gig and expect premium quality. Can’t please everyone.

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