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How do I issue refund for the tip + gig ammount?

How do I refund the tip money + order money my client has given me after a successful delivery? The money is still not cleared.

Contact CS and they will refund it. BTW why you want to refund the money after order completion?

It sounds like the buyer was happy if they left you a tip so why do you need to refund the money?

'By refund do you mean “withdraw from fiverr to your bank?”.

If the funds are not cleared, you can go to resolution center and initiate cancellation.
Like other,I’m also curious why do you need to refund the money?

If it was successful as you say and a buyer has given you a tip why do you need to refund it?

The funds take 14 days to clear on Fiverr before you can withdraw them to your bank account. This is just in case there are any disputes and is typical of most online companies like this one. There’s nothing wrong with the order or the payment, it just means you can’t withdraw it yet.

This is a first… Count me in, I’m also curious about that.

For all the curious people, the tip was given as an advance for physically shipping the hardware. But due to courier service issues, it won’t be possible. Want to return the original $5 as a gesture because I wasted his time.