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How Do I Keep Orders Under Control?

This may be something that a lot of existing sellers with good traffic already know, but this one may help out some of the newer sellers here.

  1. Don’t Set a default delivery date too close for comfort, 24 Hours for example. (You possibly only do this to catch the eye of some ‘right now’ buyers.) This may backfire like a blocked toilet and cover you in… you get the idea.
    No one wants to have 10 orders due in 5 minutes, where each one takes at least an hour to do. You will end up with sloppy deliveries and dozens of buyers wanting their money back due to either awful quality, or late submissions. Additionally, this may slap you with reviews that look like mouse droppings.

  2. If you work with a team, assign the tasks as soon as the orders come in (We do this). Each employee should have a deadline earlier than the actual order deadline, to provide ample time to cross check and ensure everything’s top notch in case any issues arise.
    If you work alone, communicate with the buyer and let them know as soon as the order is placed, that you might need at least an extra day based on your current workload (This is if they order before sending a message.). Some will respect this, others may want to cancel. Don’t be afraid to cancel if they can’t wait, you’re setting a 1 star review trap for yourself here.

  3. For those who have some heavy traffic days (For some this is Sunday/Monday) - Put in the extra work from Friday/Saturday to clear up as much orders as possible. Don’t “know what to expect” and do nothing about it. Don’t alter your delivery dates in your gig after the buyer places an order. This is deceitful, and some may pick up on this and report you faster than you can say “But…”.

  4. This one goes for both teams and individual sellers. If you notice a day/week of heavy traffic, don’t be afraid to use the vacation button. This will stop buyers from hitting “Order Now”, and buy you some room to complete your pending orders. You may lose a few new orders, and some loyal buyers will hit “Notify”. Don’t worry about the ones you lose. It’s not the end of the world. On Fiverr, your reputation is worth more than a few orders. Without the reputation, those few may be the last you ever get.

So, with that said… Don’t be a Hero and try to play a “wanna-be Super Seller.” Know your limits, and be keen on your gigs, orders and deadlines.

A great seller is honest not just with their customers; they’re also honest with themselves.

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true and informative

very informative. Thank you!

Actually I was try to create a strategy about this, maybe some friends help me in the future, but for now Im giving my best to have at least one order, hahaha im new but this information was concerned me before I even start.

Thank you, anyway…

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“Don’t Set a default delivery date too close for comfort.”

I find this rather realistic. You wouldn’t want to be delivering gigs that have not even gone through quality check. Always, always put importance in the quality of your work. Just because you are able to finish it before the deadline, doesn’t mean you managed to sweep every part of the given task. Check and double check. As much as possible deliver an output that the client expects of you. Keep in mind that a revision or backlog is as painful to the workflow as ever because it disrupts your current undertakings.

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Fiverr has a feature called "LIMIT ORDERS IN QUEUE: “Using this feature allows you to control the number of orders you can receive. Once the limit you set is reached, your Gig will temporarily be removed from Fiverr’s search.
Disabling this feature returns your Gig to Fiverr’s search (approximately 15 minutes later)”

Go to My Gigs, then click on your popular gig and the rest is self-explanatory.

I don’t use this feature, but those of you with full-time jobs and other limitations should consider it.

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@therealsiri: That’s exactly what I realize a lot of persons overlook. Personally seen some new sellers mimic conditions that others set in existing gigs, but when the load piles on, they extend deadlines (which is visible on their gig), and even so, end up getting lashed in the reviews for not double checking the work, and then promising multiple revisions (even in their review response). In some cases, one would think they use this tactic to ensure they ‘deliver’ then have a free pass to fully run the document again (without a time barrier) - Which can also lead to disaster of having double the work with double the orders still coming in.

@fastcopywriter: Honestly didn’t know that. Thanks for this. Will check it out; should definitely come in handy in the event that any seller really becomes bombarded.


These are tips that I really did not know. Even @fastcopywriter - That one is also a surprise to me.

Thanks for sharing. Very valuable info.

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"backfire like a blocked toilet "


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Great information. thanks

My pleasure, I didn’t know about it until a few days ago, I always love checking my stats on “My Gigs” and that’s where I found it.

Just gonna add my experience:

As far as "4. This one goes for both teams and individual sellers. If you notice a day/week of heavy traffic, don’t be afraid to use the vacation button. This will stop buyers from hitting “Order Now”, and buy you some room to complete your pending orders. "

When I used the vacation button , I didnt get sales from that gig for 2 months. The gig was bringing about $400 per month.
Good luck with the vacation button!

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@Videostore, how long did you go on vacation for? I’ve heard of cases where persons go on vacation for extended periods and return to heavy drop in sales; however, for this instance, the intention would be only to buy you a day or 2 max. Approx how long was the leave you took?


I wasn’t aware of this. Thank you!


I’m looking to really step up my orders and keep my customers happy. I learnt a lot from this post. Thank you.

@jcansunshine, sounds good - and you have quite a lot of gigs. The feature ‘fastcopywriter’ mentioned should also come in handy in your case if you ever become overwhelmed.

Wow… really great post .
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This tread really made sense in sharing this valuable in . Thanks

seems really helpful , thanks mate