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How do I know ? Confused

Hello there!
Hope everyone is doing alright and staying safe.
Since I’m a newbie on fiverr, I can not figure out either my profile is a seller or buyer profile.
What i want is to sell and offer my services.
But how do I know if I own a seller profile or not?
Also, does fiverr work best on mobiles or laptops?


I don’t know exactly how to find a seller or not. But we can sell our works and also we can buy works on our account. we can switch between these.

And second question, Yes definitely. You can use Fiverr both of these. And if you have a mobile phone download app and keep try to active online. Because if you are online the gigs are also online. That is really helpful for gig ranking.

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Hellow Maria!
You will see either you’re on a selling mode or buying at the top right where you ave your profile picture that’s where you will see Switch to buying or selling. If you see “switch to selling” that means you’re in the buying mode. And Fiverr works best for both laptops and mobile.

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Thankyou very much for your help.
Could you please tell me how to switch between accounts ? Like from buyer to seller ? I think I have accidentally created a buyer profile. I wanna switch to seller profile.

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Hey thankyou so much. But I dont see the option of “switch to selling or buying profile” in my profile I dont know what’s wrong

You can see the buyer option and the seller option. I attach pictures.

In this photo, I am on seller side. So, I can send buyer requests.

At this time I am on the buyer side. So, I can buy some works.

So, We can switch these options. I hope you will understand

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Okay let me try and see if it works. Thankyou for your time I appreciate that

That’s cause you’re in the Fiverr Forum. If you go to the main Fiverr site you will see the options!


I did. Now the problem that I’m facing is that the option “submit code” wouldn’t turn green. Sometimes it turns grewn from grey but says that I have entered the wrong digits although I type all correct digits.
I really appreciate your efforts for helping me sam thankyou so much. I hope I’m able to tackle these issues soon because it’s kinda getting on my nerves now :eyes:

Here you see

Make sure you’re typing the “0” number, not letter … and, if you’re using a desktop or laptop, try not using the number pad, but the main keyboard numbers.

I’m using my phone and I was typing the digit 0 and I got blocked from the site again this is ridiculous and so confusing

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Try using a laptop or desktop

I guess that’s the only option left now.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

Everything is explained there in great detail.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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yes fine, you can make both you can also and you buy also you use both mobile and laptop you slowly slowly understand everything that what i do, i suggest you to laptop it is easy to use. :green_heart:

Try using from Fiverr on your desktop or use desktop mode on mobile. Try it again, if it doesn’t work out . Contact the support team of Fiverr.

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Hey thanks for the help. I had tried the desktop view many times and yet the phone couldn’t be verified. I contacted the customer support team at last. They said to use a computer.

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yeah its best solution of your problem :green_heart:

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