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How do I know I will like the picture

If I want a caricature drawn of me, where do I upload the file the only see I see is a way to make a payment. How do I know I will like the results? What kind of guarantee do I get? How can I email the artist? Thank you, Bryant

Sorry, the only thing I see! is a way to make a payment.

In order to upload your photo you need to submit an order first which is by making a payment. There is no guarantee that you will like the drawings, however, fiverr gives you the chance to ask the seller to modify the drawing if there’s anything you don’t like. Please make sure to provide as many details to avoid modification requests.
If you’re viewing a gig and want to contact a seller you can find a button That says “Contact me” on the right next to the gig description, or you can go to the seller profile and press the green button.

YOu cannot aurantee that you will like it. Buying art is always bujective to each persons taste.

What you have to do is research different sellers first. Look at all their samples, read all of their reviews. It’s best to look at sellers who have samples of before and after so you can get a better idea.

Then you pay for the gig.

Then you upload the photo.

If you do not like what you get from a seller you still have to pay for it.
So try to see their feedback and examples of their work first.

I have seen some top rated artists here who will send the art to you first before you pay but that is rare.