How do I know if a buyer from Buyer Requests has declined my offer?


Hello! I’m quite new here on Fiverr, and there’s something I don’t understand.
When somebody posts a request regarding one of my Gig categories on Buyer Requests, I can send an offer to them, and then I see them on “SENT OFFERS”.
Problem is, I think all of the buyers up to now have declined my offer over other sellers’, but… I still see my offer.
What happens? Do I somehow get notified that my offer was declined? Or did all the buyers just not pick anyone yet?

Thanks in advance,
Sol Fisher.


No, you don’t get notified. The sent offer just stays there forever.

I’ve sent a few hundred by now and they’re just there like ghosts.


Well, that’s confusing.

Thanks so much for the answer!


The buyer just accept the offer or send you message if he/she likes your offer, and if not, you get no reply.
Though some buyers can message you weeks later


Sorry to say that no way to get notified.