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How do i know if a seller blocked me?


I bought a product from a seller and she did a good job but people criticized my logo because it didn’t look like a monk or anything like I described, but at first I was excited and didn’t know how fiver worked so I accepted the work.(i thought i could get unlimited revisions even after accepting the order) And I kindly asked her if we could work something out and sent her an image of a monk so she could make it look more like a monk and of what i described. She replied “Yeah okey i can do it” So I went to check to see if I received anything and now it says this seller may not be contacted at this time." So now im wondering if she blocked me on Fiver? Can someone help?


Remove the username of the user in question from your post. You are not allowed to call out members on the forums.


As above poster said, it´s against forum rules to post names in such cases, for understandable reasons, if you think about it.
In case of any problems, you can always contact Fiverr´s Customer Support, you´ll find the link when you scroll to the footer on the main page.


how do i edit the forum?


You can click the pen icon below your post to edit.


Thank you, didnt know the rules. Does it mean that she blocked me?


You can ask another seller :slight_smile:


Yes she blocked you. You should tell customer support what happened. Give them the seller’s name and the order number so they can see what happened.


Check the main site to see if the sellers profile is still active.


how much you charge?


guess she did block me. was i wrong?


Did you check if her profile is still active?


Doesnt take me back to her profile or gig


If her profile is gone that means she is no longer on fiverr. Looks like her account got suspended.


Then she must have been banned and had her account removed by fiverr.
This has been happening a lot lately as fiverr gets rid of sellers who break the rules.


Oh snap, so now I’m stuck with what I got huh? lol


i can do it for you but its going to cost ya!
and none of that lifetime of revisions included rubbish

ha! just joking :slight_smile:


Submit a CS ticket here. They’ll get it sorted for you!