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How do I know someone is genuinely local?

Hi, I’m from New Zealand and I am looking for sellers from New Zealand or Australia.

I found a seller that said they are from Australia but they couldn’t answer simple questions and respond in broken English. They are a level 2 seller with over 100 reviews!

How do I report them?


You can’t really report them because you don’t have a real proof.
However fiverr at some point is asking everyone to verify their account and fiverr automatically change their location to country if their ID

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Ok that’s good if there is a verification process.

In their advert, they mentioned their company name and said they have 50 staff working under her. When I asked about their website, they said it was in maintence until Monday. Couldn’t produce their website address asking 3 more times.

To be fair we are not allowed to share and outside information like that otherwise we are risking our accounts to be blocked.


Like @mariashtelle1 said, you can’t report people unless you have proof.
Having that said, it’s quite easy to tell whether the person is local/native or not.
All you need to do is send a message with specific questions like you did, and if they
respond in broken English ( or whatever language), you know they can’t be trusted.
Sadly there are plenty of level 1/level 2 sellers with good reviews that are fake, so don’t let the levels fool you.


That’s fair, but they literally put the name of their company in their profile. So it defeats the point and just adds to suspicion. It literally says ‘name of company’ Western Australia. It is not hard to find if it exists.

@zeus777 Yea but I want to report them so Fiverr can investigate.

You can try, and CS might respond saying something like “We’ll make sure we will look into this” and do nothing.
In most cases CS are pretty quick, but recently I reported a seller along with clear proof twice, and still nothing happened. I will try again in a few days, but CS is pretty busy after all, I’m not sure if you can get anything done. Even when I had proof and nothing happened, I won’t count on it that much if you don’t have anything to show them :thinking:

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You might be able to tell by the time. If you click to contact them it will show the local time where they are. You can then compare it to the actual time in Australia or New Zealand.


Not sure if you are serious or not. That local time is based on their profile, which can be faked it looks like.

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Not if they’re using a vpn …


So what happens when there are multiple time zones for a particular country?