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How do I know what my Gig looks like?


Hi, apologies if this is a newbie question but I have just set up my first Gig and feel as though I don’t know what it is going to look like to a potential buyer.

Is there any way to preview my Gig or see it from a buyers perspective please?


If you click your own profile pic in the upper right corner and then on your username, there should be a way to see your whole profile from the buyer’s perspective.

I think that the default overview view for gigs is already similar to what buyers see, although if you want to make sure then you could try logging out and searching up your own gig.


Many thanks somaginer1996.


Go to the homepage. Then go Selling > My Gigs. Click the little arrow to the right of your active Gig. You’ll see you have the option to preview it.