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How Do I Land My First Gig?

Hi everyone, I’m Zoe

I have had my Fiverr account since 2018 but I haven’t been active here. I recently quit my 9-s job and decided to get really serious with Fiverr.

I am into Web and Mobile UI/UX DESIGN.

I have put up 3 different gigs on my profile but I haven’t gotten a buyer since over a month now.

My profile is at =>

Could there be anything I’m doing wrong?

How do I get a my first buyer?

Please I need assistance.

Thanks in anticipation.


There is many thing to consider to get your gig ranked, You describe your services well in your description, well use of images , tags and the pricing of your gig.

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Thanks. I’m already reading how to go about that the right way?

Do you have useful suggestions?

Send offers to buyer requests you can do if you’re not getting orders.
In your gigs don’t add any links that aren’t in Fiverr’s approved list.

Oh wow! I didn’t know about this.

Where do I find this option to send Buyers request?

Get another job in my opinion before fiverr will start driving you good money, unless you have something saved

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If you’re in seller mode in a browser you can click on “more->Buyer Requests” at the top of the page to see buyer requests related to your gigs’ categories/subcategories and you can send offers there.

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Thanks for this. I’ll check it out