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How Do I Leave a Negative Review for sellers that Cancel on THE LAST DAY?

I have had this happen three times now. HONEST feedback and reviews are important. Buyers should be warned about last minute Molly’s. I have missed two deadlines because of this reoccurring issue.
Is there a way to review or rate a seller without having “completed an order?” When the seller cancels there doesn’t seem to be a way to leave a review about this.

How long was the expected duration of the order? I wouldn’t like it at all if someone cancelled after 3 days or more. And what was the reason?

think twice before placing order to the seller that have too many orders in his queue… definitely they took more time to deliver… and some time cancel at last time to avoid cancellation from buyer side.

“seller failed to deliver on time” this decreasing their rating.

Hi @thebrookebeaty , The only way you can leave a review to a seller is if the order is completed/delivered. Buyers could leave reviews before order is canceled before - but this was abused by other sellers / competitors trough ordering - bad review - cancel .

So, you can give feedback if you get service or product only.

Sorry about your bad experience though!


Reply to @abidagfx: I definitely understand why a buyer may be uneasy if a seller’s queue is packed with orders, but I wouldn’t advise that a buyer not purchase a gig if the seller has a lot of orders. I think a better litmus test is if they have a lot of “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time” reviews, showing that they’re not totally reliable in their delivery time.

In the past, I’ve frequently had over 30 orders in my queue, but I’ve actually never delivered an order late (I hope that doesn’t sound like I’m bragging – I’m just neurotic about being on time for things). :slight_smile: And I know a quite a few other sellers who always have full queues but still always deliver on time.

Basically, I don’t think that a seller’s queue size is a totally reliable indication of their ability to deliver on time.

So there is no way to leave a review or complain about a seller unless they complete the order? This seems sort of silly since most completed orders will probably more than likely go well. The whole point of having the seller cancel at last minute or being late for 3 or four days late is to be able to give them a negative rating so they learn and grow.

Yes you are right. Also can you put a light on the issue that how you manage if you or some one else have too many orders in queue? i saw more than 150 orders in queue so how they mange this big qty of orders and deliver on time?

Hi there,

No idea contact support.