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How do I leave a Review?


Where do I go to review a particular Seller?


You can go to ORDER PAGE and there is a button called “ACCEPT AND REVIEW”.Click on that button and you will be able to give a review.


To follow up on iconictechnique’s answer, which is wholly correct.

You must have ordered and completed an order to review. A refunded or canceled order will not allow you to review and you cannot review a seller without purchasing a gig.




On the main page of your profile there’s every option.


Im new here, what if I accidentally clicked on “Accept & review” but the order is not completed yet? The seller is not rsponding and the delivery time has already expired. Any tips to wjat should I do?


If order is not competed then you can request for a REVISION.


my order is completed but i couldnt find accept and review button.can you please guide me in whihc page i can find it.