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How do I leave a TIP without leaving a review?



How do I leave a TIP without leaving a review??



I have read on the Forum that some sellers have received only a (.) in their review. Would that work for you?


Thanks. It’s not that the work wasn’t good, or that I wouldn’t give it a decent rating. The nature of the work is that I’d like to remain anonymous.

In other words, the name I use is actually associated with me and I wish to remain anonymous when hiring for certain type of work.

If I type even a happy face, the rating would be attached to me.


Hmm, is it obvious from the gig what type of work it is? If not, you can just leave a general review.

I don’t think you can leave a tip without leaving a review, unless maybe you negotiate with the seller about purchasing an empty tip gig and letting the order close on its own.


Yes the project is associated with a type of writing and would just like to remain anonymous. Yes, I’m in the community sharing, so it’s not the end of the world if I am associated, but would prefer NOT to be.

Make sense??


This is a pretty common way to do this if there is no other option. You can ask the seller to send you a custom offer for a tip and tell them just to deliver you anything to fill the delivery slot. (I keep a pretty stock photo for this and have the words “thank you” written on it.) When the seller delivers the “dummy” delivery then allow the order to auto-complete or complete it without a review. The seller will receive extra payment (minus the usual 20% commission we all pay) and your name won’t show up on the seller’s page.


No need to get frustrated with me, I understand your plight! If you actually read my comment, you’d see that I suggested a way to get around leaving a review :slight_smile:


My best advice is for the buyer to send you a custom offer with the amount you wish to tip.

Other than that, I don’t think you can tip without a review.


I think it would be best if you could request the seller to open a ticket which requests to increase the amount by the tip you want to give. I do not think buying an empty gig is the right way. After the seller has modified the order, he and she can submit and it would be automatically marked as complete after three days without any review.


Wish I had thought of a custom order, and instead I ordered another one of their services and told them to deliver a dummy page. I wish there was just a way to tip and not have to leave a review (are you listening Fiverr???).

Thanks for weighing in.


You’ll are giving me the best answers, but I already ordered another one of his services and told him to deliver a blank page.



That should work. It might actually be possible to leave a tip without a review after some of the most recent changes, but not all buyers have the changes yet and I haven’t been able to try it. There is a way to complete an order without a review and that is new, so the tip thing may be coming. I’m not a Fiverr employee, but the forum community tries to keep up to date and share new things when we can. Many of us on the forum are sellers who also buy frequently.

To get a message directly to Fiverr staff, I would suggest creating a ticket with your recommendation. The forum is rarely visited by staff since there are other avenues to reach them. You can create a Support ticket here.


Thanks the great tips keep pouring in. Appreciate the responses.


Maybe have the seller send you a custom offer of however much you’d like to tip them, buy the gig, and there you have it. Fiverr will take a percentage of what you’ve paid to them, keep in mind. Hope this helps!


I deliver ice cream cone images in my tip gig!


Was this supposed to be funny? Just curious.


I used the post to learn as well. Thanks to all who shared their thoughts.


Hi,offer him same work deliver.that u had u could pay him.