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How do I leave feedback on an order that is open, mod requested

First, I submitted this question, request to customer support, 4 days ago and have no response.

How do I leave feedback on an order that is open, mod requested, no mutual cancellation. I have offered to accept the original order,but the seller refuses to deliver because she is afraid of my review.

A review system is great and social proof is valuable when it is fairly given, honestly earned. When a seller is able to manipulate the system it undermines the entire site because buyers can not and should not trust reviews, because sellers are able to “stack” the good ones and filter out the bad ones.

AND it places bonafide good sellers at a competitive disadvantage because their good work, communication and service is now on par with the substandard services of other sellers because they are able to exclude reviews for lesser performance.

I have a whole profile of work I bought that shows great communication with sellers and whilst not always satisfied with the work, as long as the seller has communicated, tried and done their best that’s the kind of review I leave. The communication, service, quality of work from this seller stands in stark contrast to every gig and seller I have ever worked with. The playing field is not level for other sellers and not for buyers either.

Sorry to hear that you have a bad experience and unsatisfied buyer. Please wait for Fiverr Customer Support. At this moment Customer Support has lot’s of ticket that’s why they are doing a late reply, but don’t worry, they will check your report and I wish you will get a refund because maybe the result will be cancellation order by Fiverr support team.


Hi there! You can’t actually leave a review on an order that is in request modification mode. If your seller is refusing to deliver it, I would recommend initiating a cancellation, since technically the seller has not “completed” the work and you are well within your rights to be refunded.