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How do I leave review after ordered completed and past thumbs up time


I purchased 2 gigs from a great seller. I didnt leave feedback originally because my computer died and i just got another one today. I want to go back and leave a positive review for the seller but cant figure out how to do it. I have read through a zillion forum post trying to find this info…can someone please help ?


@smqdesigns - on behalf of all the Sellers here, I’d like to say a quick THANK YOU! It’s a pleasure to see a Buyer who cares so much about trying to leave positive feedback. Let us know if you have any difficulty implementing the advice from @kjblynx.



Here you go:


thank you all ! leaving my feedback now for the seller.


Hi , on a similar topic I ordered a gig. It took me a month or so to go through it and I realised it was pretty average work , littered with quite a few errors. Can I still leave feedback?


@opello, no you cannot leave feedback after this much time has passed, although you are welcome to contact the Seller and express your concerns.

As a general point of “Fiverr Etiquette,” however, I’d like to point out that it’s common courtesy to contact your Seller with any concerns, rather than leaving negative feedback as your initial response. Many Sellers here depend on their Fiverr income to support themselves and their families, and negative feedback can be devastating.

If you find your Seller is unwilling to work with you or unprofessional, then that’s a different story.