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How do I load payoneer from Fiverr?

I received the fiverr revenue card, activated it, and withdrew from fiverr, after a moment I got the message “Withdrawal successful”, but when I went to my payoneer account, the card balance was $0, and the moneyi sn’t on Fiverr anymore either.

what’s going on ?

did I do something wrong ?

if thats so, how do I load my payoneer card from Fiverr from now on ?

You will get an email from Payoneer that your card has been loaded with instructions to choose from Immediate Load and Standard Load. You will get email from few minutes to 1 hour.

Once you get email, you select how to load your card, and then your card will be loaded in 2 hours if you choose immediate load and applies additional $4 immediate load fee.

If you select standard load option it will charge you $1 and your payoneer card will be loaded in 2 days.

Reply to @wingle:

I did not receive any Email :frowning: What do I do ?

Ahh never lind I received it :smiley:

thank you for your help

No Problem :slight_smile: