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How do I locate my own Gig?

I placed my Gig on Fiverr several days ago. No results yet, but I can’t locate my advertisement. It seems to be Gone with the Wind! Is there any way to quickly locate your own Gig to ensure it is still up on the Fiverr site?

Search for it with the same category and title in Fiverr’s search box

You don’t have any gigs up yet.
The easiest way is to open your own profile(by hovering over your username at the top right and then “My profile”) or by directly opening your profile link in your browser.
They will show up there. Right now you don’t have any.

Other way to check the status is: Hovering over the same username at the top right, under “Selling” > “My gigs”.

Reply to @creativeman: Thank you. I’ve tried that but still can’t locate my advertisement. I’ll just keep searching. There should be a way to just click on a link that takes you to your ad.