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How do i make buyers to place orders over my gigs?

Hi i an new at Fiverr. and i have made two gigs and it has been a few days i did not get any orders. what do i do?

Hi! Just a couple suggestions. It looks like you have stock photos for your gig images. Can you put in something that shows you at work writing? Something that is related to you and your gig personally? Stock images are pretty obvious and tend to turn customers away.

Also, I would add a gig video. When I did this, I noticed a big jump in sales. People want to hear/see you - it helps give you legitimacy! You want your potential clients to know that you are professional and trustworthy, and that you are going to provide a quality product for them. A gig video goes a long way to help with that!

Share your gig on social network everyday, show your best work.

I am telling you the three steps to getting your gigs on top and to get maximum impressions.
1.) Just share your gig 5 times a day on Facebook, Twitter, Google+.
2.) Share your video on max video sharing sites.
3.) try to be online as much as you can.

All the best for your futurements :slight_smile:

Reply to @meliara: As much as I would love to add video of me to make people trust me more, I have so big anxiety, that I had a big problem in even putting my photo as profile pic. I guess I’ll need to stick to videos without my face or voice.

Reply to @lennadesigns: I can understand that. I didn’t really want to do a video of myself talking either, so instead my video is just pictures of me along with samples of my work. These types of videos are pretty easy to put together in iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, and don’t require you to be talking into the camera. But I promise it will be better than nothing! I’d give it a try :slight_smile:

Reply to @meliara: Gotta try it I guess:D I use Sony Vegas and After Effects, but HD videos are taking almost 3 or 4 GB of space and I’m talking about 30 seconds video:D I think I’ll have to lower the resolution:(