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How do i make money as a seller?

I’ve created an account & gig as a seller, but how do i make money as i didn’t supply any bank &/or paypal info!

Thanks to join in fiverr… that is really amazing marketplace to make money and i belivey you will able to do that… You should create some more gigs in your profile and try to do response quickly.

Hi @mememakermagic, welcome to Fiverr!

It sounds like you’re asking about the actual logistics of finances here. The reason you haven’t been prompted is most likely because you haven’t tried to withdraw a balance. Once you’ve made some sales and earned revenue, you’ll eventually accumulate a balance that’s eligible for you to “withdraw.” At that point, you’ll need to have a paypal account that’s linked to your Fiverr account.

Does this help?

If making memes is your talent, why not create a few gigs like political meme, erotic meme, sports meme, etc.

Offer 2 or 3 memes for $5, that way your buyers have options to choose from, and promise to do it in 3-days so they don’t wait too long.

Here’s a golden opportunity, I searched “British Meme” and got no results, so if you create a British Meme gig, you’d be the only person they find.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: That’s great advice, thank you very much indeed.

I’ve created the ‘British Meme’ gig.

One other thing, sorry to be a pain, it keeps saying that my user profile is incomplete, but i’ve filled it all out!!

Reply to @mememakermagic: just took a look at your new Gig. If I were you I’d remove the one that has profanity on it immediately - this is something that can get you penalized by Fiverr.

Reply to @david388:

Is that better?

Reply to @mememakermagic: You just said up top that you didn’t add your paypal, so your profile is not complete. lol.

I would also recommend changing your photo to something more professional. People aren’t always amused by someone acting like a screwdriver is going through their mouth. These people are spending their money on you and you should give them confidence that they made a good decision. Keep it if you want mediocre sales, change it if you want to maximize your sales/conversions.

Also, to make money as a seller, you have to SELL! :slight_smile: Tell the world and don’t be ashamed to do so.

DTong (TRS)

Reply to @mememakermagic: My pleasure, good luck with your new gig. :slight_smile:

Reply to @dtongsports:

Ok, done…

Thank you, any & all advice is welcome.