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How do i make my gig more appealing?

I am new on fiverr so i was just thinking if you guys could help me out a bit. I am a logo designer. I want to make my gig look more appealing to the customers.

Thanks to everyone who replies :slight_smile:

I’d make the language sound more natural and flow well. In your package descriptions, instead of saying “Will make face of a cartoon character,” you could say “I will make face of a cartoon character.” Make your overall tone more friendly and conversational. Also, maybe crop the gig picture to just show the picture.

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A bit confusing. Your Gig is listed under “Cartoons & Comics”, with “Anime” as illustration style, but the packages offer alternatively a cartoon character or an “architectural design”, which is odd; besides this, Jerry the mouse is not an anime character. Suggestion: make a Gig for cartoon characters and another one for architectural design, don’t mix different offerings.