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How Do I Manage Late Delivery Issue


Good day All,

There’s is this order that is already late in delivery though not a fault from my own end but from the buyer because we have been go back and forth in the modification process. The order is a 2 day job which I and delivered on the first day. How do I manage this. Will this affect me and if yes, how do I salvage the situation?



Set a delivery time within which you can easily manage to complete the order along with the modifications.


Only first-time late delivery will affect your account, late deliveries in modifications will not effect at all.

If you have many orders on daily basis then make delivery time up to two days.


It will depend. Cs said that I need to deliver the modification within 24 hrs or the buyer gets a chance to cancel. Solution is set additional delivery time for modifications. If you deliver a basic gig in 24 hrs then set the reversion for another 24, so that when the buyer asks for changes you get an additional day to deliver.


Exactly, this is the best way to do it.


Interesting. How to do it?


like this, it doesn’t matter if he or she pays for the extra. Once the reversion is initiated the timer resets.


Do you mean that we need to send a custom extra on the order page and if the buyer rejects it then the timer resets or if a revision request is made to the delivery the timer resets?


If a reversion is requested the timer resets, the buyer doesn’t actually have to pay for it, only request it. It only works if you actually don’t offer any free reversions.