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How do i market my gig? Will write upto 1500 words of quality articles for 5$


Till now all of my customers have said that i did a splendid job, but my sales are low. Most people offer 200-400 words and ask for expensive extras, usually up to 40$ for 1500 words, i give 1500 words for just 5$, yet my sales are rather low.

How do i market my gig?

Its got 41 views and just 6 orders.


Hi Aayushagra101,

I don’t know why your gig is getting less orders yet you have a nice offer. But don’t you think $5 is less for 1500 words? Actually, buyers (including me) are hesitant to order when the deal is too good.

BTW, reduce the number of words that you are willing to write to between 400-600. You might be surprised to get many orders.


You got 6 orders and no one has posted reviews?

Try to reduce your delivery time and number of words. 500 words and 24hrs delivery will be pretty good.